Dustin Mielke

Agricultural Communicator

I am an Oklahoma-based communications professional who works at Oklahoma’s largest general farm organization. My passion for agriculture and my love for visual communications allows me to tell agriculture‚Äôs story to a public who is increasingly distant from the farm, but increasingly curious about their food and how it reaches their dinner plates.

Combining photography, video, audio, graphics and other visual elements provides a rich experience for people both inside the agricultural industry and far beyond the farm gate. Growing up in rural America, yet residing in a metropolitan area, provides me with a unique view of the rural-urban relationship and the implications it has upon our food production system, biofuels and agricultural policy.

My skills cross media and communications disciplines. My technical skills span the Macintosh and Windows operating systems and software suites, including Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Final Cut Studio, WordPress and Microsoft Office.  I have a passion for photography, in which I work as both a freelancer as well as in my day job. My audio production experience goes back to high school, during which I started multi-tracking songs. At the base of all my communications abilities is writing, which spans every project and deliverable.

In addition to my full-time professional communications carer, I perform freelance photography work for people, businesses and organizations who need compelling photographs to tell their stories.

I have also developed a large portfolio of personal photographs, concentrated mainly in the discipline of landscape photography.

I hope you enjoy the photography, videos and other visual communications products on my website.